Sunday, June 6, 2010

Investment gone bad??????

I can't help think stockbrokers of the past two years might understand where I'm coming from.

The Dating Scene-I would look at it right now as a bear market. You want to hold on to a stock, but then it nose dives because of poor analyst ratings, impropriety at the executive level or just plan poor numbers.

I would qualify myself as me myself being a poor analyst, I would be one of the may financial analysts who would fire myself because of a lack of return. and because of that rate of return I'm imposing sanctions on the buyee to guarantee a rate of return.

From now on, no long does a woman get off scott free when I put my time, money and effort out on the table. I invite the men between the ages of 27-31 to join me. Here is the proposal.

First Date-40 percent of the cost of the date shall be returned by the woman if acceptance of an offer sheet for a second date is not returned with in 96 hours. I'm being leinient with this one.

Second Date-20 percent of the cost of the date shall be returned if acceptance of an offer sheet for a third date is not returned within 72 hours.

Third Date-a whopping 60 percent of the cost of the date shall be returned by the woman if acceptance of an offer sheet for a semi serious relationship is not returned within 7 days.

In this day of bailouts and fiscal irresponsibility, I beg for change...real change that puts money back in the pockets of you hard working men. I salute you and good bless.

on a side note....this is a joke.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crow is Good...but not today

I'm sure almost 400,000 people in Colorado and Wyoming were wondering who has the most reliable 3G network today when Verizon Wireless and their wireless system went ka-poot for several hours today. I think ATT scored a point...somewhere...somehow. But something amazing happened during this outtage. My roomates kids in High School actually paid attention in school and picked up a novel thing called a pen and wrote. Hooray for 3G down.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Thoughts by Jack Handy...WAIT!

Ive read some pretty profound blogs..and unfortuately im always profound on the air so Im the area of profoundness. BUT...I can cut like a knife(brian adams reference)

Ive often thought about running for government office, but each time I go to a meeting Im reminded its not a good idea. Statutory requirements, fiscal restraint and the endless paperwork that has become the bureaucratic envy of the Western Hemisphere. I wonder if I can control the masochistic nature of a public servant to serve and bless the lives of others. Those who run are doers and those who don't are complainers...I can decide which I want to be.

In the endless meetings that consume tuesday's of my life, Ive found a new best friend. My cell phone. Numbers galore and games like But what I value most is the ability to randomly text and visit with long lost friends. granted I do pay attention in the meetings, but is it so wrong to reach out of the bubble of meetingdom? opinions welcome.

And finally, thanks to a new found friend...I'm starting to realize the good in everything. for example...the fact that I got out of a meeting before 9:00 o'clock. And even though the Blackhawks are stinking it up....I still have a sweet beard.

Its an intro

Im awesome...lets start with that!